Tours of the Tempelhof airport building

The heritage-protected building of Tempelhof Airport reflects the eventful history of Berlin: On the one hand, it is an expression of Nazi ideology and served in World War II as a weapons production site using forced labour. However Tempelhof is also a symbol of freedom; the airlift of 1948/49 made the airport world-famous and a legend. During the division of Germany the airport was the gateway to freedom for many people.

Over the course of our 2 hours walking tours, we take you to the most interesting parts of the huge building, which has a surface space of 300,000 square metres.

Please note: There are no tours between December 24th, 2022 and January 3rd, 2023. The airport building and the visitor centre "CHECK-IN" are closed over this time period.

Group tours

Visit the building as a group of colleagues and friends or as a school class.


English Guided Tours

Explore the history of the former airport.



  • The tour requires a reasonable level of physical fitness. Participants should be able to walk longer distances and climb stairs. Due to structural conditions the tour is not wheelchair-accessible.
  • Sturdy shoes are recommended.
  • Dogs, baby carriages and walkers are not permitted on the tour.
  • Changes in tour routes may occur as a result of certain events taking place on the site.
  • Photography is permitted for private use only.
  • In case of late arrival, participation in the tour cannot be guaranteed. The tickets will then lose their validity. There is no right to a refund of the ticket price.
  • The minimum number of participants is 8 persons. We reserve the right to cancel a tour up to 1 day in advance if the minimum number of participants has not been reached by then.
  • We recommend wearing a face mask in indoor spaces.

Meeting point of the tours is the visitor centre CHECK-IN at „Platz der Luftbrücke“, just directly left of the main entrance to the Tempelhof Airport.