Old walls, new ideas

As the largest architectural monument in Europe, the Tempelhof airport creates an air bridge between the past and the future. The historic building, located next to the Tempelhof Field, is a popular tourist attraction. At the same time, it accommodates offices, studios and event spaces with plenty of room for innovative ideas. The result is a new urban quarter and a place for experimentation and exchange, where creative people can let their thoughts fly.

As many as 80 companies have settled here permanently or temporarily and enjoy the special working environment, some of them with a far-reaching view of the Tempelhof Field. Every day, hundreds of people work here and they are as diverse as Berlin itself – musicians, designers, artists, police officers and civil engineers, for example.

Open towards the top

Only about 62 percent of the total area of about 205,000 m² can be used so far because the 80-year-old building is in poor structural condition. Extensive renovations are needed to ensure that the entire area can be rented out in the future. After all, the airport building should be safe for everyone. The gradual general renovation of the building is expected to last until 2036.

We are popular

At the moment, all space that can and may already be used has been leased. In order to be able to guarantee transparency and equal opportunities in the leasing process, criteria for the allocation of space are being drawn up and put out to tender in a transparent process. Information regarding this matter will also be available on our website in due course.

All parking spaces on the airport site are also currently leased. Since existing parking spaces will always have to be relocated during future construction work, the parking situation will be further aggravated. We will inform you here as soon as capacities become available again.

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Protecting and developing Europe's largest architectural monument: In the coming years, the Tempelhof airport is to become a place of experimentation and a new urban quarter for art, culture and the creative industries.

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