Monument preservation plan and monument concept

The Tempelhof airport is the largest architectural monument in Europe and one of the few remaining monumental buildings from the national socialist era. As a document of 20th century aviation, architecture and construction technology, it has been listed as a historic monument since 1995. The basis for all upcoming modernization and repair measures at the Tempelhof airport building is the monument preservation plan developed from 2012 to 2015. The framework conditions set out in this plan ensure the safeguarding of the historically valuable substance and at the same time indicate scope for future developments.

Comprehensive inventory

A comprehensive documentation of the building history and inventory was carried out for 7,250 rooms covering an area of approx. 300,000 m². After evaluating all sources, it was possible to make differentiated statements about the history of the building and its use, the architecture, construction, and the materials and craft techniques used for all parts of the building and exterior areas, and to make a monument preservation assessment. For the first time, the previously separate holdings of the former archive of the Berlin Airport Company and the construction department of the US Air Force were also evaluated. This enabled a differentiated chronology of the construction measures, reconstruction, conversion and military use of individual parts of the building. Another essential source were the files and plans from the construction period - prepared by Ernst Sagebiel in the office of the "New Building Management of the Tempelhof Airport".

Central information platform monument information system (DIS-THF)

All information on the building is recorded in the DIS-THF monument information system and is available to Tempelhof Projekt GmbH as the building owner, the monument protection authorities and all those involved in planning as a basis for their work. In addition, a catalog summarizes recommendations for preservation and restoration measures for facades, exterior facilities, roofs, roof extensions and interiors. The framework conditions defined in the monument preservation plan ensure the safeguarding of the historically valuable substance and at the same time indicate the possible scope for necessary change in order to develop the Tempelhof airport into a lively place integrated into city life.


Portrait of Heinz Jirout

Monument Protection Coordinator

Heinz Jirout

+ 49 30-2000 374-355

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Historical Archive

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The Airport Tempelhof in its current form was built between 1936 and 1941 according to the plans of Ernst Sagebiel.

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