Hidden places Tempelhof (german guided tour)


Numerous legends surround the history and architecture of the famous Airport Tempelhof. In the new tour, learn which legends are true and which lie in the realms of fantasy: How many underground floors did the airport building have? Is there actually a tunnel stretching for kilometres, which leads to the inner city of Berlin? Does the airfield have a cellar? Why are there so many legends about Tempelhof?

Our expert guides will guide you in the basement of the building, various bunkers and cellar vaults. You can also explore parts of the tunnel system of the building from 1930s, which was unique for that time. In the tunnel system, you can learn more about the varied history of the building, especially its use during the Third Reich.

Even the so-called film bunkers are shown, whose contents caught fire in the final days of the war leaving behind a multitude of mysteries in its present form.

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Sturdy shoes are recommended.

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