Group tours


Apart from the regular tour timings, we offer the option of visiting the former airport building  as a closed group of our friends, colleagues, pupils or customers  .

In case of a group, please contact us directly via email and do not book your tickets online.
We offer group tours in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Czech and Russian.

Depending on interests, the group tours can have the following key topics:

  • The myth of Tempelhof (see individual tour)
  • Hidden places (see individual tour)
  • Architecture
  • Third Reich
  • Military use

Duration of the tour

approx. 2 hours

Group price

Adults     up to 10 participants 160.00 €   up to 15 participants 200.00 €   up to 20 participants 260.00 €   up to 25 participants 320.00 €   up to 30 participants 380.00 €   up to 35 participants 430.00 €       Students     up to 16 students 160.00 €   up to 20 students 180.00 €   up to 25 students 225.00 €   up to 30 students 260.00 €   up to 35 students 300.00 €       Flat charge for school classes     up to 30 participants 150.00 € (extra charge of foreign language 20.00 €)    

On-site payment options:

Cash, EC card payment, credit card payment

or money transfer for more than 150.00 € (possible only within Germany).

Unfortunately the tours cannot be offered barrier-free because of the structural conditions.


For more information about the tours, you can reach us at

The on-site visitor center hours are as follows: 

Monday – Sunday
10:00 - 17:00 hours


Please follow our General Terms and Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions


The dates are set individually according to the capacities. Would you like to book a group tour? We will be glad to make you a favourable offer. 


Please send us a date inquiry to our visitor service.