Tours of airport building

The heritage-protected building of Airport Tempelhof reflects the eventful history of Berlin: On the one hand, it is an expression of Nazi ideology and served in World War II as a weapons production site using forced labour. However Tempelhof is also a symbol of freedom; the airlift of 1948/49 made the airlift world-famous and a legend. During the division of Germany the airport was the gateway to freedom for many people.

Over the course of our roughly 2 hour walking tours, we will take you to the most interesting parts of the huge building, which has a surface space of 300,000 square metres.

The legend of Tempelhof

The expert guides at Airport Tempelhof show you the largest historical monument of Europe.


Hidden places

Numerous legends surround Airport Tempelhof. Learn which of them are true.


Group tours

Visit the building as a group of colleagues and friends or as a school class.


English guided tours

Visit one of the most spectacular buildings of Europe and explore the history of the former airport.



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Meeting point for building tours

The tours start in the former GAT area (General Aviation Terminal). You will find the route here.