Visitor Centre "CHECK-IN"

The visitor centre CHECK-IN is open Wednesday–Monday 10 a.m.–5 p.m., closed on Tuesdays

The visitor centre "CHECK-IN" is located directly left of the main entrance to the Tempelhof Airport at “Platz der Luftbrücke“. There you get information about the historical building’s history, as well as information about future plans, current projects and offers. The visitor centre is also a starting point for tours of the building and a place of abidance - you can have a coffee, visit an exhibition or take part in other events.

Guided tours of the airport building

There are many interesting places to discover in and around the former Tempelhof Airport. Our guided tours of about two hours length are leading you through the impressive ambiance such as the monumental former terminal building and aircraft hangars, as well as different subsidiary buildings and hidden places, for example bunkers, basement vaults, or the Americans’ former indoor basketball court. Discover the myth of Tempelhof at “Tempelhof Airport“ or sign in for an individual group experience beyond the regular guided tours and times.


Visit the exhibition “A Broad Field. Tempelhof Airport and Its History“ at the visitor centre “CHECK-IN“. The exhibition examines the vibrant history of Tempelhof Airport. It places a special focus on the National Socialist era, but also addresses the early history of the airport grounds and their development up to the present. The exhibition was created by the Topography of Terror Foundation.


The visitor centre is the site of the popular event series “THFxGESCHICHTE“, giving you insight into the changeful history of the airport building while referring to the location‘s present as well as to its future. Lectures and panel discussions are usually held once a month.