Interesting facts about Airport Tempelhof

How big is the entire airport area? The size of the former airfield along with the building is 355 ha. Out of this, the Tempelhof field occupies 300 ha and the airport building with its concrete apron and outer areas 55 ha.
How large is the airport building? The airport building is approximately 1.2 km long. It has a gross floor area of 300,000 m², of which approximately 200,000m² is usable.
When was an airport established here? As early as the beginning of the 20th century famous aviation pioneers carried out their first flight attempts here. In 1923 the location was established as “Airport Tempelhof”. The first airport building on the eastern Tempelhof field was constructed in 1926. This was soon no longer sufficient. The construction of the current airport building began in 1936. Further information
How is the airport building used now? The airport building accommodates more than 100 tenants from the most diverse branches right from Chief of Police to a dance school. A few hangars are temporarily being used as emergency refugee accommodation. Around a third of the building is unrenovated and will be gradually developed in the next few years.
How is the Tempelhof field used? Since its opening in May 2010, the Tempelhof field is intensively used for recreational activities. Here you can skate, grill, jog, fly a kite, take a dog on a walk etc. Further information