Welcome to Tempelhof Airport! The thousands of visitors from all across the world who find their way to Platz der Luftbrücke each year will in future be greeted by a new and attractive point of reference. A modern Visitor Center is to be created in a central location, right next to the main hall of the airport. The Eagle Square and Platz der Luftbrücke are to be renovated in keeping with their historical status, demonstrating their significance for the city of Berlin in a new and appropriate way.

The Visitor Center, which will be built on Eagle Square in 2019 directly in front of the main hall, is to serve as a central point of contact for visitors to Tempelhof Airport. Here, visitors will be provided with information on the history of this listed building, on projects and plans for the future, and on current offers and events. The center will form the starting point for tours of the building and provide a place to spend some quality time – to drink a cup of coffee, attend an exhibition or perhaps listen to a talk.

Further options for creating a high-quality visit and for promoting a lively exchange of ideas and experiences are currently being examined. The planned redesign of Platz der Luftbrücke and Eagle Square will noticeably increase the attractiveness of the location.

Redesign of Platz der Luftbrücke

In pre-war Berlin, Platz der Luftbrücke had been a place of great importance in Berlin. Its current design arose in several historical phases, starting with the characteristic buildings of Bruno Möhring, built in the course of the urban development of Neu-Tempelhof at the beginning of the 20th century. Various different construction measures followed, relating to traffic flow and landscape planning. Today the square is first and foremost perceived as a key traffic junction. The individual elements of the square have lost their connection to one another.

Improved access and visibility

There are several heterogeneous areas of the square, each with their own failings in terms of design and function, as well as the demands of the Neu-Tempelhof residential area and the requirements to find a new use for Tempelhof Airport. In this context, the ensuing challenge is to find new ideas for an overall development plan and the redesign of the square. As far as Eagle Square is concerned, the key issue is to implement the renovation plans in accordance with the historical status of the site, whilst at the same time making it as open as possible for use. For the green areas, there are plans to provide better access, improved visibility of the airport building from the exit of the subway station, and direct access from there to the green areas. The goal is to restore Platz der Luftbrücke to a condition which is in keeping with its significance for the city.