Tower THF – 360° Berlin

The first highlight to make former central airport a new experience is the project “Opening of the airport building Tempelhof - Tower THF”. With this project, the western main building of the airport at Tempelhofdamm will become open to and freely accessible for visitors.

There are fascinating areas such as the striking spacious staircase, which can be accessed on foot during the course of the project, in the western main building. The large parts of the top-most building level are intended as exhibition room. The roof with the glazed former airport tower is in the middle. It offers a spectacular 360° view of Berlin and the entire Tempelhof field, which was previously enjoyed only by air traffic controllers. Even stepping on the 1.2 km long roof with its Gallery of History will be possible from here in a few years. With the advent of the Allied Museum in hangar 7, it will become another visitor magnet in immediate vicinity.

The goal of the opening project tower THF is to make the urban integration of the building in the city and the formative influence on the Tempelhof field tangible. The reconstruction of the building is done on the basis of the monument preservation plan and is a model for building culture and monument preservation. For implementation, a competition is conducted in the context of the landmarked building.

The project was perfect within the framework of the federal program “National Projects of Urban Development” as a premium project and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation, construction and reactor safety from 2016 to 2018 with Euro 4 million. The Land of Berlin promotes the project with € 2.0 million and provides the necessary project resources. The opening is planned for 2023.