Berlin’s new address for Creative

The former Airport Tempelhof is a legend - world-famous and full of symbolic energy. The goal is to further develop this unique location deservingly, forward-looking and economically viable. A new accommodation is built here for culture and creativity: the Berlin Creative District.

In July 2015, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH has initiated a subsequent utilisation process with the intention to define a structural and conceptual profile of the building.

At the end of 2015, a significant milestone was reached. From the variety of utilisation ideas and individual interests, significant shareholders from politics and administration, economics, science, culture and monument protection come to an agreement about a uniform profile: Tempelhof should be developed as Berlin’s new urban district for culture and creativity: the Berlin Creative District.
This profile forms the basis of the development of an integrated utilisation concept that now follows. For completing the process most probably by the end of 2017, concrete component- and area-related plans will be submitted, which gradually will qualify the airport building for its new purpose.


Berlin Creative District

  • stands for international charisma, size, freedom and variety, for inspiring ideas, experimenting and new work, for economic value added, for remembering and viewing, an exciting mixture of mutually inspiring temporary and permanent uses. provides impetus for large and extraordinary events. connects the city with the field and vice versa. The building is no longer an insurmountable barrier but a bridge and gate between both the urban worlds. is “openly visible and visibly open” for its surroundings and offers many reasons for a visit. Particularly the main hall and the forecourt project as an inviting, lively and versatile place for social interchange and a high quality of life. It offers a large place for start-ups and established companies, artists and institutions. Thanks to its balanced blend of uses, it is economically self-supporting; it does not operate “non-profit” but “not for profit”, it has a story of its own in essence and can be experienced in a multifaceted way - with the gallery of history on the roof, the Allied Museum in hangar 7 or the Visitor Centre at Platz der Luftbrücke.