Historic ties: Allied Museum in hangar 7

The Airport Tempelhof is a mirror of German history of the 20th century. There could hardly be a more suitable new home for the Allied Museum. The airport, as an authentic place of contemporary history, matches the concept so perfectly that the Federal Government has declared the relocation of the Allied Museum from Zehlendorf to Airport Tempelhof a cultural-political priority and granted around 27 million € for the project in November 2015.

The internally recognised collection of the Allied Museum should become fully utilised in hangar 7 in a whole new way. It will be possible to move the large objects to the centre of the new permanent exhibition: including British transport aircraft of airlift, the iconic checkpoint barrack of Checkpoint Charlie, escort car of the French military train, a helicopter of the US Army, tanks, vehicles and the remnants of the legendary Berlin spy tunnel. The history of the Allied Forces and their special relationship with the Berlin population in the national history of German partition and the global history of the Cold War is embedded in the exhibitions more strongly than before. Hence the museum also opens up more for the eastern perspective. This way, the Allied Museum has the potential of becoming one of the most prominent historic museum of Berlin and Germany.

Large objects should be presented and permanent and special exhibitions should be staged on a total area of around 3,500 m2. For the first time, the Allied Museum is said to have archive and library rooms with workplaces for external users and in this way can offer new services in the future.

Tower THF and Gallery of History will become the new tourist attractions in direct vicinity at the southern end of the building - in the heart of Berlin, with optimal local public transport connection..

The symbiosis between the airport building, museum, events and park is a significant milestone for the opening and revival of the place and development of a cultural and creative centre, from which the entire city will profit.