Europe’s largest monument - preserving and developing

The former Airport Tempelhof is a charismatic attraction of Berlin with its unique importance for the city, its charisma, size, architecture and inner-city location.

While the former airfield is already gaining popularity, the building, which is one of the largest buildings of the world, offers new experience. In the next few years, it will develop interacting with the neighbouring areas of Berlin Creative District, Berlin’s new urban district for culture and creative industry, which stands for size, freedom and variety, for inspiring ideas, experimenting and new work, for economic value added, for remembering and viewing and an exciting mixture of mutually inspiring uses. Inner-city, urban, with a wide view of the Tempelhof field.

The refurbishments progress and create place for something new.

Berlin Creative District

A new accommodation is built here for culture and creativity: the Berlin Creative District.


Tower THF

In the next few years, the former control tower will be open to general public.


Rooftop gallery

In future, it will be possible to reach the exhibition on the airport roof without any hindrances.


Allied Museum

The Airport Tempelhof is a mirror of German history of the 20th century. There could hardly be a more suitable new home for the Allied Museum.


Monument preservation plan

The so-called monument preservation plan is the basis for the upcoming modernisation and restoration work in the airport building.


Element H2rund

The former officers’ hotel of US Americans at Platz der Luftbrücke became the creative centre.