How can I become a pioneer?

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Picture credit: Lichtschwärmer
Picture credit: Lichtschwärmer

We are looking for projects that support Tempelhofer Freiheit, create attractive opportunities for recreation and relaxation and implement new economic, social and cultural ideas. Each use should ideally fit with the thematic orientation of each individual pioneer field and be able to be implemented successfully with the time period.  


Projects should also fulfil the major sustainability criteria (economic, future-oriented, entrepreneurial, resource-efficient, ecological, based on partnerships, integrative, social) and fit into one or more of our six guiding themes:

  • Knowledge and learning

  • Clean future technologies

  • Sports and health

  • Neighbourhood integration

  • Dialogue of religions

  • Stage for the new

How are submitted applications evaluated?

Project submissions are collected and examined in a preliminary stage to see if all required documents have been submitted. Incomplete applications and/or applications containing false information will not be taken into consideration.


Decisions regarding applications are made in two steps:


The first step examines the essential suitability of the project. An advisory committee made up of local and external advisors and representatives from neighbourhood and state administrative bodies advise the project managers at Tempelhofer Projekt and its cooperation partner Grün Berlin GmbH in their selection.  


The second step involves a discussion of the selected projects by a political decision-making body, whereupon certain projects are recommended as ready for contract negotiations.

How and where can you apply?

Applications for the temporary use of the space are accepted ongoing.

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