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Intermediate and “pioneer” uses are the results of economic and social structural transformation. In other words, new and open spaces that provide room for experimentation and creative potential arise in areas where the original use of the location has come to an end.


“Pioneers” are not big investors. They pursue their initiatives and projects with mostly limited funds yet unlimited personal enthusiasm. They bring life to the space and make it attractive for others. They do so via short-term initiatives and projects that grow sustainably and become more professional and maintainable long-term.


The spontaneous and unplanned use of open spaces is characteristic of Berlin. Until now, these informal intermediate and pioneer uses were not involved in the formal planning process to any great extent. The State of Berlin is looking to change this status with its new “pioneer process” – an open process that, if successful, will transform Tempelhofer Freiheit into a model location for participative urban development.  


Pioneers draw links to that which is already there, i.e. they use existing resources and work with a local approach to generate a reciprocal link between Tempelhofer Freiheit and its adjacent quarters. Pioneers come from a number of different fields, including business, technology, education, handicrafts, social affairs and culture. They create new economies that can, if successful, also have a positive effect on general employment.  


Pioneers are part of the overall development of Tempelhofer Freiheit. They are, in the true sense of the word, trailblazers. The pioneers of Tempelhofer Freiheit are expected to be economically independent, to work with existing local resources and contribute to the increase in value and quality of the location.  


In a best-case scenario, the development of pioneer projects would run parallel to the development of the location and generate a specific and unique quality. In some cases, the pioneers will have to make way for other planned usages. For this reason, all participants are expected to have a high degree of attentiveness and a sense of responsibility for the entire process – even beyond their individual projects. In this manner, all citizens are invited to get involved in the ongoing development of this historically important site and to influence its further course. The pioneers of Tempelhofer Freiheit set developments in motion from which they themselves can profit. At the same time, they help to shape and design a space for coming generations.

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