Local residents discuss Tempelhofer Freiheit

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Schillerkiez Neighbourhood Garden

This neighbourhood project takes a critical and constructive approach to developments at Tempelhofer Freiheit

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The Schillerkiez Neignbourhood Garden creates an “open field structure” that offers residents especially of the “Schillerkiez” neighbourhood a space for creative and self-organised activities. Part of the project is the implementation of an open “breakfast for the unemployed” that offers individuals the opportunity to exchange information and experiences in what is often a difficult life situation. Individuals can access information on legal questions and receive advice on how to plan for the future and just get through each day.  There will also be theme evenings, discussion roundtables and cultural events.  


The Stadtteilgarten Schillerkiez will examine in a constructive and critical manner developments in the neighbourhood – especially questions relating to rising rents. The essential goal of the project is to provide information on the various opportunities to influence the future development of the neighbourhood.  

Pioneer: Schillerkiez Neighbourhood and Unemployed Persons Initiative

The Schillerkiez neighbourhood initiative will provide residents – especially for those who have been active in employment for a long time – with a location and opportunity to meet as part of the unemployed persons get-together and neighbourhood initiative. Gerhard Foß and Paul Decruppe are the initiators and contacts of the project.

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