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The Berlin-based science shop known as "basis.wissen.schafft" sees itself as an interface between questions relating to civic society and answers coming from research institutions.

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Based on the principle of an international science shop, the goal of this pioneer project is to support and intensify the dialogue between science and society in an interdisciplinary manner at the local level. On the one hand, the organizers want to “adopt the research needs of average people and NGOs” and, on the other hand, to communicate scientific findings “in a way that everyone can understand”.  


The unique aspect of this project is its neighbourhood-focussed approach to communicating this knowledge. By cooperating with already existing science shops at home and abroad, the Tempelhofer Science Shop seeks to join other worldwide science shops and become part of the "Living Knowledge" international network.

Pioneer: basis.wissen.schafft

Katrin Schwahlen is a journalist, biologist and multimedia expert. Dany Krohne is a lecturer and communications and multimedia expert. Both have many years of experience in project work, adult education, communication and PR.  

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